Noise or the lack of protection against noise can lead to severe anger in residential as well as in utility buildings. In many cases owners, tenants or vendors have had wrong expectations. High investment may have pour results. In fact, this mysterious theme, with its logarithmic functions and rare abbreviations, can be reduced to some simple and convincing rules. We help you to unveal the mystery. So you can offer some good advice to your clients instead of promises. Ask us, we like to help you:

Noisecontrol in New Buildings

  • Defining targets
  • Reporting acoustic performance
  • Assistance to technical descriptions
  • Quality-control and direction
  • Metrological controls of targets before delivery

Noisecontrol in Existing Buildings

  • Defining targets in the context of given restrictions
  • metrological controls of given soundproofing
  • Planning of additional measures
  • Technical descriptions and direction
  • Metrological controls of targets before delivery

Reports on Noise-Immissions

Enterprises have to proof, that their activities will not cause any harm (noise) to people, who live in the neighbourhood. For this purpose reports are made according to TA - Lärm.